Product Details

Sometimes the words are not enough to express a concept, an idea. On the contrary, sometimes they express the meaning completely, most of all when the idea is simple and, like all the simple things, genial. So also just a word emits a world of nuances, images, colours, emotions. So iFlame was created, the bio-fireplace of the third millennium, designed and produced entirely in Italy with “made in Italy” research. They wanted to play with fire, creating something useful and nice for the man, in harmony with the planet. And by carrying on playing they created the complements transforming iFlame into an integrated furnishing system with its essential design, allowing infinite combinations customisable according to environment and taste. iFlame is intelligent because with its forms and colours, it heats, furnishes and illuminates with a design touch any room of the house and, why not, of the office, club, bar, by adding a complement creating priceless atmospheres.