Old Town Niepołomice

Project Details

The aim of the town hosts was improving its public space making the best use of the small budget of that not very big community. The centre of Niepołomice is a square market place (without the urban tissue outside of it) with modest houses along its façades. However, impressive, historical and valuable buildings located nearby: the castle, the church and the town hall are clearly visible from the Market Square.

On the one hand the design assumed preserving what was not demolished and worth preserving: a part of the square floor, some lampposts, benches and on the other it added a univocal and internally coherent form.

The new part of the Market Square floor, similar in its plan to a square shape, has four edges: the southern one (from the side of the road) – undulating, the northern one (considered as an alleyway without car traffic) – flat, the eastern one (parallel to the preserved walking path between the castle and the church) and the western one with a separate place for café tables.

The materials and forms used to realise the design are univocally and contemporarily inscribed in the improved urban space of the town. The floor was made of porphyry cobblestones of constant 10x10cm plan and varied height (depending on the load). Corten steel lampposts and bollards all have the same base size. The 10cm module was also used for the design of benches of impregnated oak wood and for the grill around trees filled with crushed porphyry gravel.

  • Architect: Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak
  • Localization: Niepołomnice, Polska
  • Website:  http://palladiomaterials.com/pl/PalladioKamienNaturlany/galeria_niepolomice.html