Verde Profilo

Product Details

The brand Verde Profilo® was founded in 2008 by the will of Stefano Laprocina, a young agronomist. Stefano’s main aim was to make a spontaneous relationship between individuals and nature and to take advantage of that ability to adapt nature to architecture.

MOSSwall® is the result of  the experience gained from the implementation of Vertical Gardens. MOSSwall® is the new generation of indoor vertical gardens, customizable in shape, size and colour, which does not require any maintenance.

MOSSwall® is a highly performing patented product which obtained fire certificates as well as sound absorption.

MOSSwall® is developed on a panel made of galvanized steel sized 40×60 cm, permanently covered with PVC film, coated on the visible side by MOSS. Once installed, the vertical garden of MOSSwall is kept intact over the years in all kind of environments with a minimum rate of humidity of 40-50%.